Crypto Mining

Create Passive Income Mining Crypto-Currency from Home

In order to start you will need two things. A secure cryptocurrency "Wallet" and mining software. Luckily there are quick, free, and easy ways to get those things set up. Earn passive income, while your computer mines currency for you when it sits idle. below is a simple guide to get started earning passive income within the next 20 minutes.

Step 1 -  Create A Coinbase Wallet Account - Get $10 Of Free Bitcoin Now!

Coinbase is a US based publicly traded Company is your hub for hundreds of Safe ,Cloud Secured CryptoCurrency wallets. Coinbase also a marketplace where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency. Coinbase uses a highly secure double authenticated sign in, and can be accessed from an app on your phone or on the desktop or laptop. Once you register you can earn free crypto buy watching quick educational videos and answering 1 question to earn. There is over $60 in free crypto you can earn within minutes of signing up. Click Below to get started with your very own crypto wallet.




Step 2 - Install CudoMiner Mining Software - Sign Up And Start Mining Within 3 Minutes Here

CudoMiner is a Secure "one click" mining software Suite. CudoMiner is free to to use and supports Windows, linux, and "OS on a USB" type operating systems. CudoMiner allows you to harness the power of your computer CPU and your Graphics Processor in order to mine various types of Cryptocurrency. CudoMiner is so easy, free and extremely efficient, at mining Crypto. You can choose what coin you would like to be paid out in, and you can choose what coins you want to mine. So if you have a "gaming" computer put it to work when your not using it. Mining with CudoMiner is safe for your computer parts and is used by hundreds of thousands of "at home" miners as well as professional mining farms. Click Below to get started mining Crypto within the next 3 minutes. 


Step 3 - Set CudoMiner To Pay Out To Your Wallet & That's It

Log into your Cudominer Console HERE Select the "Finances" on the left navigation bar, Then Select Wallets Then Click on "Add a New Wallet" simply copy and paste your wallet address either from coinbase or another wallet, and your done! Start adding computers to your mining operation the more the merrier! (payout transfers to coinbase are free) 

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Step 3 - Watch Your Passive Income Roll In!

At Cobratac We put our money where our mouth is! We have started a passive income stream to help pay the rent around here, all the computers are set to mine when they are idle. We chose this way so that we could use the computers during the day and have them work for us at night. It has been working out great! Enjoy your new passive income stream

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