Graphic Cards

Many computing applications can run well with integrated GPUs. However, for more resource-intensive applications with extensive performance demands, a discrete GPU (sometimes called a dedicated graphics card) is better suited to the job. GPUs for Gaming: Video games have become more computationally intensive, with hyperrealistic graphics and vast, complicated in-game worlds. With advanced display technologies, such as 4K screens and high refresh rates, along with the rise of virtual reality gaming, demands on graphics processing are growing fast. GPUs for Video Editing and Content Creation: For years, video editors, graphic designers, and other creative professionals have struggled with long rendering times that tied up computing resources and stifled creative flow. GPU for Machine Learning: Some of the most exciting applications for GPU technology involve AI and machine learning. Because GPUs incorporate an extraordinary amount of computational capability, they can deliver incredible acceleration in workloads that take advantage of the highly parallel nature of GPUs, such as image recognition. Below are some of the Top Performing GPU's on the Market, Upgrade your RIG Now!